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Our NGO aims to make this world a better place to live, study, play, work, travel and relax. Top NGO Sher's aim is to protect ones rights at all stages of life i.e., starting from Birth to old age. We have spotted some loop holes in our present system and are working to fill the same in accordance with the needs at all stages of life.

1. Birth

Let’s start from birth, our first step to this world. What if we say, some of us were cheated on this first step of our life. You would be wondering how’s this possible.

So, let us tell you my brother, nowadays there’s a trend of cesarean operations. Most hospitals or maternity centers are performing them just to gain some profit even when they not required. As cesareans cost more when compared normal deliveries. Not only our parents pay extra but these unwanted cesareans also affect our physical growth, mental health and immune system. Our NGOs top team is working on this issue and we are close enough to get a better solution to this.

2. The school life

One of the most important stage of our life and guess what? Most of our rights were violated here only. Be it teachers punishment, exceeding study pressure, exam burden, uneven study-play timings, and after all this, they charge unreasonable fees and miscellaneous charges.

Presently our team is working on student’s security and developing ways to provide them with a better module of education. We are providing free software’s and web portals for schools and colleges. Our NGO is working for the betterment of schools and colleges.

3. The Professional life

Another important and most lengthy part of our life’s journey, where we earn our livelihood. We regularly deal with work load and job satisfaction issues in private sectors and public sectors situations are not hidden from us.

Our NGO (SHER) team constantly works towards this phase of life. We provide training and skill development classes to make them excel in their fields. We also help talented individuals to setup their own business and generate more job opportunities.

4. The old age

Last but not the least, the old age also called as the bad age. After ones childhood, old age is the only stage of life, when one is totally dependent on others. Sometimes even for their natures call and day to day routines.

We also got to know by our research, that to take care of old age persons is not an easy task. They sometimes behave as a child and one can easily get irritated by all this. We also came to know that now a day children’s leave their parents alone, when they need them utmost.

Our NGO (SHER) team is working for this purpose too. We are convincing people, making their mindset to not yell or fight with their old parents. Just behave with them as they did when we were young kids.

We are also working to gain some fund for our old age home project, where we could provide better nursing to old persons and to provide them with a friendly environment.

Beyond all the above stated sections or stages, our NGO (SHER) is also working for the betterment and enhancement of some top sections, which are directly or indirectly affecting our life…

The list goes as:-

1. Health care

Health care industry is presently one of the largest of its kind. Health care is needed for lifetime and their number of outlets, patients or clients and uneven money charges makes this industry a preferred section for commission makers.

Although most of us are aware about these commission making techniques, but then also we ignore or bear them as we don’t have any substitute for all this.

Our NGO (SHER) team is working on this major problem and we have almost clicked their nerves. Few more days of research and we will hopefully develop a model which will stop all these commission makers. At least, we won’t have to undergo those pathological tests and take those medicines which were prescribed just for profit making by commission.

We all have heard a phrase “Health is Wealth” but what if we spent our wealth to spoil our health.

2. Nature

The most important part for the survival is plants. Our whole life cycle starts and ends on plants, be it fresh air or oxygen, reduction in co2, soil erosion, rain fall or wildlife all dependents on plants.

In this industrial era deforestation has increased rapidly. An excessive increase of need for residence due to population overload also plays a major role to increasing deforestation. This could result in very drastic effects on our health and life style.

This could only be stopped by combined efforts. All we need to do is to plant more trees, reserve green belt areas, and do paperless work as more as possible.

Our team is planting date fruit plants which require less water and also provide some protein rich dates, which further can be used to feed our brothers in need.

3. Food, Water and Shelter

Our basic needs of food to eat, water to drink and shelter for security. There is a great need of potable drinking water, healthier food and secure shelter homes, especially in winters. We have already tested water samples and you won’t believe that in some areas, we got the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level more than 500 ppm. Peoples are forced to drink that water as they don’t have much resources and substitutes.

Food quality is somewhat better than water quality, but excessive use of pesticides and chemicals to achieve better growth has taken us towards a great risk. Still, there are many who don’t have a roof to sleep under. They are forced to sleep on road side footpaths in chilling cold and heavy rain falls.

Much more steps are needed in this field; our team is working to provide better drinking water, food and shelter to the needy. We are also doing some research work on food quality and its major effects on health.

4.Excretion / Sewage

One of the leading causes of polluting water resources is direct submission of untreated sewage to them. This has been a toughest challenge for government in the past and till today also nothing has changed but the pollution level has only increased. An immense increase in population has result in more sewage submission. Due to improper treatment of these excreta and garbage pollution is increasing day by day, which in turn affects our health by consuming it directly or through food, water or air.

The only solution to this for now seems to be a large number of sewage treatment plants or bio gas plants can also help to some extent.

5. Internet awareness / Web Literacy

With increase in digitization, online fraud is a major threat to our safety. People having less knowledge of online traps and bullying can be in danger of losing their money. Anything online is taken as authentic as most of them are unable to verify sources online. Due to this lack of awareness, most of young and old minds easily believe fake news and rumors, which could lead to harmful effects for our society.

Have a look to Internet health report by internethealthreport.org...

People think fb Is internet

37% of Europe’s workforce have insufficient digital skills, 13% have none at all.

We aim to aware and provide basic web literacy, so one can at least know the difference between promotional content on websites or ads from search results and web content.

We SHER ‘The Protector’ Society with our teams, aim to conquer all the above stated challenges and make our NGO count in the top International non-governmental organizations.