Who We Are

Who We Are

We are brothers from different mothers and we believe human beings are brothers to one another. No discrimination on basis of Caste, Religion, Nationality, Color, Creed, Race, Height, Weight or even Gender. We believe in humanity.

We the members of Sher the protector society got inspired by our Treasurer M/S Naseem Sahar and our President Mr. Md. Aqeel. They both have done a great job and are famous for helping the needy from decades. Although, both are from different fields and have their own style, yet their aims seem to be one. Under their guidance, supervision and support, we all are working hard and giving our best to make this world a better place to live.

We are a Lucknow, INDIA based NGO and most of us are from different backgrounds but our motto is similar i.e., to develop an environment of peace and happiness by working for the betterment of society.

We believe in a famous and popular Hindi saying –

“Khushi batney se badhti hai” – “Happiness increases when shared.”

And work in accordance with a more famous saying –

“Help your brother, who is weak. And Help your brother, who is strong.”

We are open to work with and anyone can join us. New ideas and talents are always welcomed, discussed and followed for the betterment.

“So, ‘SHER’ for a better tomorrow”