NGO Sher 'The Protector' Society

Urdu/Hindi and English origin words combine to give the name to one of the top most trusted NGO based in India. Sher (Lion in English) an Urdu/Hindi origin word with 'The Protector' from English origin makes it to 'Sher The Protector'. Sher is worldly famous for its power, strength, speed and better known as the king of the jungle. The word protector is used for a person or thing that works as a shield and protects one from the ill effects.

As the name suggests, the basic purpose of this NGO SHER is to provide protection to the needy from natural calamities and man-made disasters by fulfilling their basic needs of good food, shelter, clothing, better lifestyle, and livelihood.

In addition to protection, SHER also aims to improve their fitness, strength, living standards and provide better work space with safety.

According to our NGO members, most of these could be achieved by providing good education from childhood. Much is needed to be done in the field of education.

SHER NGO Members

Our team members are our greatest assets who love to think 'out-of-the-box'. We are passionate about results, and also believe in what we do. We work as Sher to protect human rights and make this world a better place.


NGO Treasurer Naseem Saher
Mrs. Naseem Sahar


NGO President Md Aqeel
Mr. Md. Aqeel

Vice President

NGO Vice President Naseem Saher
Vice President
Mr. Ali Faisal Siddiqui


NGO Tauseef_Ahmad
Tauseef_Ahmad Member
Mr. Tauseef Ahmad

Useful information

Planting more trees

Our team is planting date fruit plants which require less water and also provide some protein

‘SHER’ for a better tomorrow

We are open to work with and anyone can join us. New ideas and talents are

Internet awareness / Web Literacy

We aim to aware and provide basic web literacy, so one can at least know the